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Weekend Bulletin

The weekend's Order of Service so you can follow along with worship at your convenience!

Good NewsBreak

Bethany's monthly newsletter.

Bethany 411!

A web-based version of the weekly email containing all of Bethany's upcoming events and announcements.

Council Minutes

The Council minutes are posted monthly as a draft after the council meets. The minutes are then updated the following month after the council approves the previous month's minutes. 

Other Publications

Holly Beck (YAGM)

Newsletter 4 
Newsletter 2

Just Love. Just Act. Newsletter

from the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin

March 2023 
December 2022 
September 2022 
June 2022 
February 2022

Bethany Devotionals

2024 Lent Devotional

2023 Lent Devotional 
2022 Lent Devotional 
2021 Lent Devotional 
2020 Advent Devotion Booklet

Bethany Annual Reports

2023 Bethany Annual Report

2022 Bethany Annual Report 
2021 Bethany Annual Report 
2020 Bethany Annual Report

Miscellaneous Publications

Green Team "Where to Recycle" Poster