Vision 2020 and Beyond

Vision 2020 … and Beyond!

Recently the leadership of Bethany articulated a Vision of the kind of church we aspire to become - the kind of congregation we believe God is calling us to become. Our current vision includes three priorities for 2020 and Beyond:


We envision Bethany as a Church that is steadily “Growing Young.” Building on the recent success we have had in involving more children and youth in worship and after-school programs, our next step will be to create more intergenerational events that can connect people of all ages (children and adults), as well as events that better engage younger adults (25-45).


Closely related to our vision for “Growing Young,” Bethany is committed to creating new and better opportunities for “Growing Faith,” especially among “working age” adults (25-70). We envision an expanded selection of Small Group opportunities, including more short-term (four to eight week) opportunities for spiritual growth and engagement.


We envision Bethany as an intergenerational, caring, Christ-centered community, where all are accepted and affirmed (with no exceptions!). We envision Bethany as a place where newcomers are celebrated as gifts from God, and all are empowered to join in God’s work of bringing Christ’s love and light to the world.