Geocaching Adventure for all Ages!

Through the month of July, we have hidden six containers along the Cedar Side Trail (trail that runs along the river behind Goodwill and UWEC-BC/WITC). Each container is filled with an inspirational Bible verse to look up and a sticker to collect for your “passport.”

CLICK HERE to print a passport postcard with GPS coordinates for all locations. If you can't print your passport, you can pick up a yellow passport card at Bethany between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The passports are located on a table by doors under the carport.

Don't forget the following items when you go out to look!
  • Bibles/Bible App
  • Pen/Pencil/Highlighter to mark the Bible verse and to sign the log book
  • Passport postcard to guide you and to put your stickers on
  • Hand sanitizer (use it every time you’re done with a container)
  • Water bottle and snacks (if you want)

How do I find all the geocache containers?

Walk/bike/drive to the trail and enter the GPS coordinates on the passport postcard into a map app on your phone to reveal the location of the geocache. The coordinates will get you close, but you’ll have to explore and look closely to find them. If you need help, see below for more thorough clues.

Don't forget to:

  • sign the log sheet
  • put a sticker on your passport
  • put the lid back on tight
  • put it the container back where you found it
  • sanitize your hands - we don’t want to spread any illness inadvertently

Please let us know if a container seems to be missing or is empty. You can email or call/text her at 715-205-2009.

I've collected all the passport stickers, now what?

Take a picture of you with your completed passport, or mail your postcard back to church to receive a prize. Each household that completes a passport will receive a gift certificate to a local business. We will contact you after receiving your passport, so please make sure to include your contact information.

Bethany Lutheran
35 W Messenger Street
Rice Lake, WI  54868

Don't forget to take photos of your adventures and email them to us! You can also tag us on Facebook and Instagram.


Stay safe, be well, and happy hunting!

Geocache Clues

Location 1 (south end of loop of Cedar Side Trail)

Head south from Goodwill under the Highway O bridge and continue to follow trail across the first wooden bridge until you come to a Y intersection. Look for the large tree near the bench. Clue: Look for fallen branch near large tree.

Location 2 (south end loop of Cedar Side Trail)

From Y intersection in Location 1, take the trail to the right and follow across two more wooden bridges as it loops back around towards location 1.

Location 3 (north of Goodwill on Cedar Side Trail or south of WITC access point)

Between gazebo and WITC access point. Clue: Group of downed trees/branches on river side of trail. Picture taken looking south.

Location 4 (north of South of WITC access point and South of UWEC-BC/WITC)

Look for pavilion. Geocache is near a tree uphill just east of the south end pavilion. Clue: Tree is not in mowed area.

Location 5 (across from UWEC-BC buildings)

At bottom of hill the trail goes up to the north. Look for a fallen tree with base still on land. Clue: Part of tree is in river.

Location 6 (north of UWEC-BC buildings and south of Coleman St access point & walking bridge)

Look for a row of trees on the east side of trail. Clue: Look for the first tree from the south end of row.

Location 1

Location 2

Location 3

Location 4

Location 5

Location 6